A’darshavatii – she who upholds an ideology

A’nanda – bliss

Arpan’a’ – an offering; she who is surrendered

– a) father, affectionately (whether mortal or Divine) / male Guru in general; my master, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti in particular
– b) nearest and dearest; Beloved

Bhaerav – male tantric sa’dhaka/spiritual aspirant; an aspect of Shiva/Godhead

Bhaeravii – female tantric sa’dhika’/spiritual aspirant; an aspect of Shakti/Goddess

darshan – audience of a Guru

Devii – Goddess

dhya’na – sustained contemplation; meditation

didi – elder sister

Guru / Gurudeva – spiritual master & guide

Iishvara – Supreme Controller; Lord

kiirtana – chanting Lord’s name

Ka’lii – one of Shiva’s consorts

Krs’n’a – All-attracting One; beloved Guru-king of ancient India

Liila’ – Cosmic Play

Maha’prayan – Great Departure; death of an enlightened one

Maheshvarii – Goddess of Dissolution

ma’la’ – garland

Pashupati – Lord of creatures

pran’a’m – a bow or a prostration in reverence

prapatti – complete surrender

Ra’dha’ – favorite lady devotee of Krs’n’a / spiritual current (kun’d’alinii)

Rudra – the fierce aspect of the Divine

sa’dhana’ – spiritual endeavor & practice

santos’a – contentment

satsaunga – spiritual company

Shakti – Cosmic Energy; the Divine Mother

Shiva – Cosmic Consciousness; the Divine Father

Tantra – a spiritual tradition and a science of meditation which expands and frees the mind from crudity and dullness

Yamuna – a river in India on the banks of which child Krs’n’a played with His friends & devotees