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Fierce is often Your caress, my Beloved,
and tears like nectar
trickle from my squeezed heart.
Let me not resent it
but gladly receive this fiery Mercy
as a token of Your blazing Love.

And sometimes You stretch my limits
further than they’ve ever
hoped to reach.
Let my fearful dreams
burst like foam-bubbles
in a sudden flight of delight.


Thinking that “I am for Him”
works like a cool balm of peace
upon my restless, anxious soul.
It is as if I have come home.
– To the place where there is no worry,
there is no fear, there is no pain.
I belong to Him, and He belongs to me
– there is nothing more than that,
and nothing less either:
He is always with me,
and I am – for Him.
And the moment I remember it
He comes so, so near
– when my eyes open up
I find that He has always been here.
Contentment sweeps through my being
and the love and peace reign supreme.
Nothing to worry about:
nowhere to go; nothing to lose
– I have arrived Here
Where Everything Is Already Found.


When I think that You remember me,
then I “give myself up to sleep without struggle”.
When I accept that You are my shelter,
my eternal companion and caretaker,
I cease to worry, cease to fuss, and let go
– dissolve in Your Love.

I don’t need to lament over my forgetfulness;
I don’t need to cry over the lack of faithfulness
– You love me;
You watch over and guide me.

When I know that You take care
– in my happiness and in my sorrow –
I give up my will and dance in Your tune.
It is Your Pleasure in me
to make me laugh, and to make me weep.
I trust that You are with me
“without” and “within”
and accept Your all pervasiveness:
You are all
– my pain and my joy.


It’s difficult
to think about You,
but You
do think about me!
That I remember You;
even that I remember
that I’ve forgotten You
– is also a sign of Your Remembrance!

Without Your Wish
I cannot utter Your Name;
without Your Allowance
I cannot recollect Your Face…

To make me call You
is Your Reply!


He is returning to me My look
– He is the creation of my dreams;
He is the mirror of my own looking;
He is my own reflection,
and I am His.

Then what is the Truth?

Neither “me”, nor “He”,
but looking!
That “watching” is what “Isness” is!


No need to cry;
no need to wail and mourn
– nothing I’ve ever “lost”
as everything is Already “Found”.

I’ve got Him
Who reminded me
of remembering,
and so just watch it,
watch it,
watch it all unfold.


I need an unwavering mind:
I need a heart which can
return to Him His Look,
His Love!

The Beloved is already here
– I need to be a deserving lover:
a faithful one.


To remember Him
Is to be in His Presence
– my remembrance is
“the connection”.

I am already
“where I want to be”:
in His proximity,
in His warm embrace,
when I turn my eyes
towards Him
Who Is Ever Watching Me
and return to Him a look.


He is my
Lonely Beloved!

He is always with me,
but when am I “with Him”?!
I forget Him,
and ignore Him
again and again…
… and He keeps waiting and waiting,
– looking for my love!

Enough of this calling and crying:
“Come, oh, please, come…!”
to the One Who Is Always Here
I should run!


Let me want You, my Lord,
let me want You,
let me want You…
– If devotion is granted upon request
then fulfill this wish:
let me want You.
Because, really, even to call you
is Your Grace…

To cry for You is Your blessing;
to pine for You is Your doing
– without Your Wish
even to wish for You we cannot alone.
It is Your Grace
– to come to know about You,
to come to long for You,
to come to love You,
to come to worship You.