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When I am satisfied with myself as I am,
I look lovingly, benevolently at my whole life. And I find my God approaching from thousands of directions; accompanying me incessantly.
Some celebration occurs: the Divine in me rejoices at Itself from without and within.
A communication happens: a constant flow of loving and responding between the inner and the outer, surpassing all the barriers of the mind and the skin.
The eternal flow of Love rises and ebbs; pulsates through me just like it does throughout the whole Universe.


It is not that the “Spring comes”,
but the first flowers which died
in their mad rush to bloom
in anticipation of It
– they are the Spring!
It is not that “the Beloved comes”,
but the lover – mad for Him –
reveals the Beloved within herself!
My loving makes Him “come”;
my loving gives Him life
within this existence of mine!
Beloved comes
through the loving of the lover.

The Beloved is the fragrance of the flower.
Lover’s part is: to bloom.

Ba’ba’ – I am Yours and You are mine…


God doesn’t know that He is Lord
– it is us who see that Perfection;
That Love and Peace in Him
and long to be like That.

But That isn’t “there”
– it’s here and now;
it does as It wants;
it loves as It can,
and in that Presence
it is beyond Time and Space;
it is devoid of any supposed glory
but is ordinary
and in that simplicity – Glorious.


Clever is Your Game, my Lord:
what I have – I forget,
what I miss – I reminiscent about…

If I would have seen You;
if I would have held You in my arms
– would I neglect that sweet memory?
Would I postpone and ignore
Your worship?

And in this way
– missing, longing, pining, crying –
You keep stirring my heart;
keep my loving alive?

Strange are the ways of life
– paradox gives it meaning.
The One Who Is Always Here
keeps me missing Him,
so that in a wild search
I surrender all my expectations
and accept what I already have.


Like a spool on a rope:
You let me fall away from You,
and greater the speed
of my drifting,
that harder the bump
and stronger the jump
back to You…


My Ba’ba’, my Ba’ba’,
how much do I miss You…
You are my mother and my father;
You are my sister and my brother;
You are my master,
my friend and my lover
– in You all my wishes drown;
in You all my dreams reconcile…


My God,
who can love Principles?!
– In You principles became alive
and that aliveness charms us.


I am a foreigner in this world;
an alien from another time and space
– when will You call me back
to Your abode?
With You something of the Eternal
touched this shore
and, oh, how I pine for It
– my real home!


When You’ve removed Yourself
from my sight,
You’ve truly entered
my heart.


to forget Him
and to not know
that you’ve forgotten Him.

to remember
that You’ve forgotten.