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When I turn upwards
I see You high in the sky
– all my being yearns for You
and I can only cry:

“Come on me, Beloved,
lay your smile on mine,
wrap me in Your dark look,
let me reach the diamond
in Your eye…”


Make me pure, my Lord
– pure like love-tears,
purer than the snow;

make me pure, my Lord
– pure like mountain-streams,
purer than the stars’ glow.

May I come to You
white like a swan,
and may our bright Light
finally merge in one.


I was searching for You
in that deep, dark Space
and I was waiting for You
in the solitude of secret caves…

How could I be so forgetful
and look for You so far
– like You’ve never been my close one?!
How could I be so blind
and fail to recognize You
– like to You I have never come?!

But a reminder came: here You are,
“amongst us” – in those who surround me,
and “in myself” – in the stillness of my mind.


My soul trembles between heart and lips
wanting to fly out and spread like a mist
everywhere, everywhere in and around You.

Like a bird searching for its nest
I’m yearning to land in Your lap,
kiss Your heart with mine and rest.


Can anybody smile like the Lord
– with all the stars of the sky
in the dark pools of His eyes
– omnipresent, compassionate,
loving, benevolent?

I run to step into His pupil
and be finally surrounded,
surrounded, surrounded
by Him.


Straight from the heart
the stream of love
floods my being
and flows down my cheeks
– once again I am touched
by those unclear glimpses
of our love immemorial.


Will I ever be able
to return to You Your love
– to love You as intensely
as You love me –
always knowing we are one?

Will I ever be able
to catch up to You
in Your love
– Your endless, unconditional,
perfect Love…?


Imagine that you are surrounded by love
– love everywhere around you:
you are plunged in the endless ocean
of an unconditional, perfect love.
And you feel that all your boundaries
– the borders of your skin, flesh and bones,
and all the thoughts and questions of your mind
start to dissolve:
you are drenching, like a sponge, with love.
Not only that love is everywhere around you,
but the same love shines in you:
you are full of love.
And you feel that all of yours melts
until you and the ocean of love become


Beloved came to me
with the smile of the Sun,
and I disappeared in His laughter:
“You are My love, you are My love…”


When I look at You
I feel a honey-river pours over me
and I bow down,
melting in that overwhelming sweetness
of Your smile.

You love me with the warmth of the Sun
and I surrender, surrender, surrender
– give my all to You –
and our loves become one.

Could we live without each other
when stronger than life and death
is the bond of our love?
We cannot exist alone
– we create each other,
and play endlessly
in this ecstatic dance of love.

Like two creepers
we’re entwining around one another
being each other’s support
and the essence of life.