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Could I be the air
to surround You completely;
gentle breeze
to touch Your light white dress;
blue sky
to wrap Your figure;
smiling sun
to pour golden warmth on You;
flower that died
scenting for You…


Seeing Your eyes
a shiver passes through my heart;
I catch my breath,
choked by Your love
and cannot part,
cannot part…


…high, high in the mountains
I was flying over the snow,
leaping from peak to peak,
leaving my footprints in the rocks,
smiling at the world below…


An Angel of Love
wrapped His wings
around me…


My heart is full of tears
and lotus-flowers float on them…

They wait for You, my honeybee,
to fly here
and drink the nectar of love.


Entwining my arms around You
I press You on my heart
– I just want us to melt in each other;
I just want to hold You tight:

You are my love, my soul, my desire
– my Ba’ba’, Ba’ba’ mine.


Whenever I withdraw myself from You
You make me feel like an empty shell:
my body doesn’t want to move…
– I cannot speak or think
if You don’t dwell within.

Why do I go away from You
– instead of a heaven I always find a hell,
and again and again prove
that true, warning link:
wherever there’s pleasure, suffering begins.


Heart drenched with love,
eyes dyed with tears,
soul on my lips
– I wait for You:

heart’s blood-red rose
on the outstretched palms
to lay at Your feet,

tears like the beads
in a pearl-necklace
to garland Your neck.


Maybe there will come a day
when You’ll see me, while passing by;
accept the flower from my outstretched hands,
press it on Your heart.

Maybe there will come a day
when gently like a butterfly
Your feet will lie on my palms
never more to part.

I’ll embrace Your knees, Beloved,
lean my chin on them,
gaze at Your smiling eyes,
utterly, utterly content.

SHY (2)

Although I know
I am Yours and You are mine,
still I don’t know
what to do before You,
still I am shy
– I just stand still,
looking at Your palms and eyes,
fascinated with Your beauty,
surrendered to Your will…