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I cannot see You with my eyes
since You have gone
and left me behind.

I see You only in the dark room
of the pupil of my eye,
and love You and caress You,
and want to merge in one.

But as the yearning grows
and Your smile comes so near
I want to pull the curtain of my eyelids
and touch Your skin for real.


What can I do, my Lord,
how can I adore You,
when I cannot even talk to You:
Your indescribable magnificence
makes me spellbound
… Just all my being
rushes towards You
pulled by Your irresistible charm.


Amidst the humming
of this colorful fair
I lose Your presence.

It is only
in the chamber of my mind
that I meet You – shining splendor –
and die a hundred little deaths,
wounded by Your Beauty and Love.


What can I tell You, my Lord,
– Your beauty makes me speechless:
You snatch away my mind
and I can love You
only with my heart,
surrendered to Your Love.


My Lord is
The Most Beautiful One
– clear like the sky,
fresh like the breeze,
soft like the blossoms,
bright like the sun.


I feel it – my heart knows –
my Lord will come to me one day
and I live for it, only for it.
‘Cause there is nothing else in this world
as beautiful as His smile,
as wide as His arms,
as warm as His heart’s embrace.


In crying for You
parts of me are dying
and giving birth
to something new.

Your all-knowing, loving smile
– a promise of a secret unraveled –
calls my soul to reach out;
soar to another realm

and I touch my bigger self,
bigger than my body, mind or sky;
my wings embrace the Universe
– light like an angel I fly…


Piercing the darkness
I look deep into Your eyes
and wonder
over the messages unspoken:

what do You wish for me, my Lord;
what am I going to do;
how will I please You;
how will I fulfill Your Will…?


All the achievements of past lives;
all the memories of the past glory;
all the plans and desires for my future
I surrender to Your smile
– I’ll be what You want me to.

… May I ask for nothing
but Your happiness…


I close my eyes
and see You – beautiful –
in the orchard:
You smile at me through the blossoms,
Your eyes shining like pearls,
arms stretched towards me,
calling me
into Your warm embrace…