I don’t know
what to do
with you.
can I have you
can I live
without you…

“Just love me”
doesn’t work:
I do,
I love you
– do you love me?!
I can’t go on
just watching
– like a ripe fruit
you’re dangling
in front of me
and I am: hungry.
Hungry for love
and hungry
for your loving.

I guess I don’t know
what to do
with me:
how to appease
my need?!
the fact
that you are happy
is not enough,
not as satisfying
as you may think.

Maybe because
I am not
as happy.
For you
beeing seen
is sufficient,
but not for me.
– I want to feel
your love
all around
and within;
I want you
to not only get
but also to give.

You have
all of me:
I see you,
I adore
and worship you,
and I yearn
to surrender
to your giving.

I guess
that is also

Oh, Lord,
where is the end
to this misery
and suffering?

Will I ever be
and complete?
In what
and how
will I find peace?

I know, I know,
not in any “you”
but – in me:
as long as
there’s the duality,
the ease
can’t even begin…

I already am
this living body;
this lively mind;
a soul
that is still
a mistery…
Instead of you
I must watch
this me:
how interesting,
how sweet
and how lovely!
In me
is the cause
and the effect
of all longing.
In me
is the beginning
and the end
of every possibility.

Close your eyes,
little girl,
go back to sleep;
and dissolve
your own dreams.
Be a Goddess;
be a queen.
Give and get
exactly as you want
and realize:
you may have
no “need”.